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2012/03/25: Added video embeds of my TV appearances as a page, added beta versions of in italiano and Esperanto

2011/12/15: The Epu Conference in Shenzhen, China (Beta)

2011/12/1: More laughing about MGM. A German-Irish (un)Mormon Katherine Heigl plays in a comedy about a woman who castrates dogs and wishes to castrate men. Created by  jewfag Calvin Klein and 911 criminal Ronald S. Lauder.

What if the gender roles were reversed?

2011/11: Made a Chinese song and several graphics, which combined form a video protest against human trafficking. An explanatory page (in English) details the multiple meanings in the lyrics, which started out as a cryptic poem.

The producers of MTV are heavily involved in human trafficking, and perhaps through their intimate knowledge of the problem, they've produced quite an interesting piece on the theme.

2011/04: Made a humor page about the International Commonwealth Games, Delhi, India, which concern the fake economic miracle of India

2011/03: Starting to get recognition for translation work done on "Karamay": “Any future book on documentary film history will have to mark a place of honor for Karamay… an astonishing achievement on every level.” – Variety [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

2010/12: Published an article on New Dynasty, Fake Fakeness. Started translation on my second movie, "Pathway." Founded a Hick, bluegrass meditation cult Merry Christmas, all!

2010/06: Expanded the page concerning infant penlie cutting and its effect on America. Also see this page and this one which talk about the connection between genital mutilation and serial killers.

2010/05: Wrote a scientific article on the living fossil, the danielian maximus. Updated dead links on the yoga articles page. Added graphic at bottom for my new book, "Quest for Chinese Culture", written by Yu Qiuyu and translated by moi. You can see it featured in the 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair here.

2009/12: Wrote an article on the problem of international English, which includes an expose of the pedophile Wesley Hoyle Lowe.

2009/11: Did an interview for NEW DYNASTY Magazine, Xi'an. Have new article on MSN Bubblmen.

New Dynasty, Xi'an

2009/04: Added a new page about the flying pig virus of Mexico®.  Added the spiritual diary, a corrected and annotated version of that from the great Swami SivAnanda and the Divine Life Society (plue, unu esperanta versio)

2009/02: Made a page about the foreign experts exam now required by the Nanjing gov't.  Made a page about weird food in China.

2008/12: Made a page about smoking.  Made a page (in Esperanto) concerning tantric Tibetan "Buddhism".

2008/4: Made a page about Chinglish.

2008/2: Made a series of music shorts with my bromie Che Leon.  Completed Chinese subtitles EH's videos "Sex Slaves" and "Japanese 911" and translated "Alaskism" - a parody of racial ignorance/blindness in the USA.  All Chinese translations on EH's page (formerly "The French Connection") are by yours truly and can be accessed here.

2008/1: Completed the five-part short video documentary "Holy India".  Made translations for Eric Hufschmid, demolitions expert and a 9.11, Apollo and halocaust investigator.  "Why We Believe Zionists are the Masterminds of the 9.11 Attack" and the video "False Flags" now have Chinese versions - article   videoThe first version was embedded on this page with a translation and linked from the original "Why" article and got 100,000 views in under two weeks.  As of now, there are already a half million hits.  Are some Chinese wising up to the zionist mafia?

2007/12: Worked on cleaning up the site, clearing references to unclean things. Went to India to hail KaruNAmayI.  

2007/11: Made the yoga videos "Turn Around", "Christ Has No Body" and "Wheels"..  Made an introduction to Chinese Cheerios.

2007/9: Made the yoga video "Smells and Bells".

2oo7/7: Moved the music videos to the "Concert Hall".  Made the slideshow "American Cats".

2007/6: Made the above videosRevolution, Fandangos de Huelva (flamenco), Tianlu [Skyway] au naturale, Tianlu (with solo), The Gift of Time (celibacy promotion video), and an interview on Chinese TV.  The translation is available at the Youtube link in the video summary.  Please remember to rate, comment and/or subscribe to my videos as there will be more in the future.

2007/5: Made several inspirational auidos at, one of which, The Homecoming, is archived here.

2007/4:  Added a Hawai'i page, a page about barehandedness, a page about machines, a smoke nazi page, and a prose piece called Spirit is Sweet.   A reminder to all friends to check back frequently to my Spiritual Brother Julian Lee's page -  where I am now a contributor and webmaster - and my blog which maintains a large stock of recent photos and Chinese language blog entries.  Anyone who still thinks I'm lazy can check out my new book which is an original work written entirely in Chinese.  It was published nationwide in China and officially began distribution in March [first printing sold out November 23rd].

Quest for Chinese Culture: Yu
                                Qiuyu/trans. Ian Clark

I Ain't No Foreigner