My dear brothers,

Please be aware that there is no simple blood test for the swine "virus", as they couldn't distinguish it easily from a normal flu virus under a microscope.  It is hooey 100%.

Interesting facts from the CDC website [1] [2]:

1. They don't say what determines a "case" or how they test someone for swine flu (word is out that there is some nasal swipe and a PCR test, tests known for high rates of false positives).  Does the test actually test for this specific strain of flu?  Or does the test merely test for flu in general, then people are made to be suspected of having the swine flu?
2. They don't say when the suspected victims will be given drugs or if any of their recorded deaths were related to these drugs
3.  They openly promote the antiviral drugs oseltamivir and zanamivir on their website about swine flu.
4   Oseltamivir and zanamivir are extremely expensive and reputed to be deadly (like the drug retrovir used during SARS)
5.  They claim that eating the corpses of pigs is "still safe".

Strange aspects:

The press now claims swine flu isn't swine flu exactly.  Should the virus be called the swinavihumanoid virus?  But wait, it doesn't affect pigs, and it is a human flu virus:

"This is a human flu virus ...Not only is this not a pig virus, but it is not affecting pigs, there is no human to pig transition."

"Similarly therefore, pigs are not carriers. Neither pigs, nor porcine embryos, nor pig meat. And I had a very nice filet de porc yesterday and I recommend you to go on eating pork," Mr Madelin told journalists during a press briefing in Brussels.

Robert Madelin, Director General for Health and Consumer Protection in the European Commission

My understanding

This virus hoax is using a PCR test, which is known for high false positive rates.  Health officials are (as usual) completely ignoring environmental factors and personal hygiene factors.  The standards for being suspect of having this virus are very low - standards which, if applied before the scare started, would have had put just as many people under suspicion.

Logically, if all these people wearing masks and wiping things with alcohol actually reduced disease, we should she dramatic drops in hospital atmittances within the areas that are taking these measures.  But we don't.  The death rates remain the same, and people continue putting out fires.

People do not want to face that their eating corpses of animals, fooling around in bedrooms, driving cars, buying cheap, high-pollution goods, smoking, drinking, using pot, taking western medicines etc. are killing them.  We do not see people getting healthier and healthier in the Kalu Yug' - nay, we see the water and air are fouled, and we find ourselves chasing the symptoms to a slew of health problems from the age of forty all the way to our miserable deaths.

Other virus hoaxes: HIV, Mad Cow, Avian Flu, Hepatitis B, C

Other virus hoaxes are marked by antibody tests.  When a doctor says he will use an antibody test, he's admitting that he doesn't have a real test, i.e., a "body" test.  If they could identify this thing in human blood, then they would merely draw the blood out of a human being and look for the virus in it.  If it's not there, they are negative, if it's there they are positive.

What's interesting is that for many, many viruses people are afraid of today, there are no real tests.  The antibody tests are invalid, because if you don't know what the body is, then you can't know the antibody.  This is why Alysa and WB tests always test for several antibodies (usually more than 20).  And since the presence of any one of these doesn't prove the virus exists there, they use mysterious and politically-determined methods of determining positive, negative and (!) neutral results.

The same test (the Alysa) when given to a cow, determines mad cow disease.  When its given to a bird, it determines avian flu.  When its given to a human being, it determines HIV infection.  If you don't believe me, ask around.  What test is used to determine infection by this virus?  Typically it is the WB or the Alysa (antibody tests).

If you are ever asked to take one of these tests, demand to see the test kit.  Refuse to take the test.  If you are forced to take an antibody virus test, then find out what are defined as risk behaviors for these diseases, and in the doctor interview process deny all of them clearly.  If you are ever given a positive result on one of these tests, make clear records of the doctors who are responsible for the results.  Maintain strict anonymity, and test at other hospitals until a negative result is given.  The standards for risk groups, co-factors and even which antibodies to test vary greatly from hospital to hospital, state to state, and country to country.  Such is the state of modern science.

-Ian Clark