The Gift of Time



Text: Tao Yi'ran

In China we pray to the great Buddha by saying his present name as he stands in heaven, ϟoӷ.  We find that in his scriptures he clearly states that smoking, drinking and sexing are forbidden.  We have no time for Him, if we are occupied by them.


All of us know that simple addictions like watching TV are a waste of time, but few of us have ever calculated the waste of sexual addiction.  The way it kills time is legendary C people often say, quit jerking off and get to work!  The masses spend hours upon hours looking at flesh.  Before Amazon.com, the primary business on the internet was porn, and it still makes more profit than any other.  This is why the Onion ran an humor article, calling the internet the Masturbation Superhighway [November 2, 1994, Computer-industry leaders call for creation of Masturbation Superhighway.], touting that people all over the world can now start wasting more of their time with self-abuse.

Aside from the actual time spent masturbating, time is needed to rate womens bodies, talk about the girlfriends and wives of others, and women at work and your clients and so on.  And like annoying commercials, this persistent target of desire plays like a chorus in the mind over and over and over.  And then theres money C look all the personal ads searching for financially secure men.  We find that many women are looking for the highest bidder.  And making all this money sucks people into trivialities, and creates wage slaves C mortgage-paying, habit-supporting automatons.

In comparison, the chaste man has many more hours in the day C and a much clearer mind, than the common sexer.  He can move mountains because he has every minute of his precious life to do constructive things.  He can think clear thoughts, and outproduce common men while doing just half the work.  This is why one of celibacys greatest gifts is the gift of time. 

When one sits down to write at night, he can make a list of things that hes thankful for.  And always on that list will be the extra time and clarity of thought that chastity has given him.  Then it is good to repeat Buddhas holy name, ϟoӷϟoӷϟoӷReflecting on all the tasks one has accomplished in just one day, and knowing how much it has improved from ones former life of losing and ruin, one cannot but feel truly blessed to be a celibate.




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