International English is an Evil Force

Wesley Lowe, Sex offender

Wesley Hoyle Lowe, convicted on child pornography charges in Missouri on 08/26/2004 and again on 08/23/2007, moved to Nanjing, China with perhaps a false police record and was employed by XX International English [name withheld] around late 2007 [needs specific date]. Fired from XX for having a criminal record (click "I agree" then search "Lowe" to see record) but transfered to another school later, likely a university. Maintains a dating ad (screenshot available on request if link is dead).

I had a strange dream on the morning of December 3rd, 2009. I dreamed that a history teacher I knew from Dunhuang Qilizhen High School was crouching in front of me, and said, "We parents have a lot of pressure to make sure our kids learn English." (She has a daughter, now about 15 years old). She was making a strange face when she said this. Slowly I realized that she was naked, and that behind her was a blond-haired, blue-eyed North American (European White) who was defiling her.

I've always felt bad about the English teaching situation in China. English education is obviously being used as a cultural bulldozer. It is a natural human instinct to want to preserve the races, nations and cultures. Most people naturally do not want a mixed-race marriage with mixed-race kids. Most people want to learn the language of the country they are visiting (though most people don't visit other countries). Most people are not interested in forcing their local language habits upon people of distant lands.

I, too, feel bad about this. It's morally wrong. It doesn't even make sense as an international auxiliary language. English isn't even the most common language either (25% of the world speaks Chinese). It only makes sense from the perspective of the Khazar, global banking cartel, which has no interest in learning Chinese or other languages. Construction on the tower of Babel is going at full speed.

This is my excuse. I didn't come here as an English teacher, but ended up doing it for money - as there aren't any positions in solo classical guitar.  It took me eight years after getting here to get enough networking and have a mature enough market for high-quality translation. I could do translation part-time but still needed English teaching for income. As a brother once said, "Chinese either think you're here to teach English or to entertain them". More options are gradually appearing as the market economy matures here, but progress is slow.

Being thrust into this field wasn't a shock to me in terms of the work per se. I've always been teaching. The huge difference is that here, you work with criminals and freaks, instead of relatively respectable professionals. Diplomas, police reports and resumes are faked. The schools want the cheapest, most controllable teachers they can hire. In Nanjing, the teachers are so controlled that the schools steal out of their salaries, and the teachers simply put up with it. They fear that the school will report them for their illegal behaviors, or that they'll get fired and no one else will hire them (this is not true, but they fear it anyway). Sinning is not only an act of cowardice, but it breeds cowardice. After it is done, the sinner is constantly in fear, and is easily controlled by evil forces.

I worked for a school called XX International English. I worked there for five years, as a way to prove that I could make the best of society and get along with all sorts of people. In theory I'm opposed to changing jobs as it looks like cowardice. I believe that having a stable address, phone number and place of work are symbols of being honest. Having said this, I will still go into detail as to why this school is very indicative of other schools (I've worked at 20 other schools in China) and is a force of evil. In spite of our work and efforts there, the situation just gets worse, and continues to do so for the whole field of English education.

The general situation can be understood by  points:

1. International English is being promoted by the international crime group, the Jewish Crime Network [JCN]. Their control of the printing of money, bolstered by their control of the resources it is based on (oil, gold and diamonds), make them the true leaders of the material world. Obama, Hu and others are merely puppets to this power. This power which is getting very, very corrupt as months and years go by, has for some reason (perhaps of its own laziness) decided to go around the world destroying cultures in favor of having one global elite that speaks American English.

2. Anyone who refuses to speak American English is denied access to important jobs tied to the JCN. All bureaucratic avenues are laced with English requirements.

3. Those of the vast majority of all humanity who cannot learn English are left without an education, because most of their time in school they were forced to study English. This means that the 97% of Chinese who study ten or more years of English in school but fail at it have wasted their prime time for learning and are now relegated to the life of a plebe.

4. For almost all people, being forced to study English only means that they cannot study their own culture well. It doesn't even teach them English.

5. For a rare few people who learn English well, being able to speak English usually means they lack their own culture. Unless they are totally intellectuals with zero physical labor to do in life who can keep their faces in books all the time, they are unlikely to understand both a foreign culture and their own at the same time.

6. Those who understand a foreign culture and their own culture well usually do not also have time for political wrestling matches. They end up in another weak class of their own, the intellectuals. They are poor, simple folk and often have misguided ideas due to their isolation in society.

7. People in the political class are chosen by the JCN for their weakness and susceptibility to blackmail. Leaders are given translators and do not have to speak English themselves, but they must do their job and enforce the International English program upon their yokels and plebs.

In short, International English is just a corrupting tool being used by the evil forces that be. Insofar as International English succeeds, the tower of Babel grows higher, and the project spreads out further. Nearly every race now is subjected to English study which most often does not even teach them English. This is the situation.

Who runs the International English teaching organizations in China? The boss at Nanjing XX International is Mr. Smith [name changed], who goes by a pseudonym "John" [named changed], which he uses to avoid people learning his real name. He wears plain clothes to work, because many of the students want their money back and are looking for him. He does not reveal that he is the boss at the school. He says nothing to anyone, except in private meetings in his office.

I once went to the bathroom and I was at a urinal when he came in. He had a cigarette dangling out of his mouth like "Andy Capp", and proceeded to walk up next to a urinal, where he proceeded to piss all over the floor. He was probably drunk or high, or just finished having sex with one of the secretaries or saleswomen. I base this guess on other experiences where I have seen him vomiting from alcohol overdose at dinner, taking managers and even teachers to prostitutes, and often locking his office door when he is alone with a female employee inside. They then walk out of the office smelling fishy. And wether or not when he came to pee if he smelled fishy or whatever, I don't recall clearly enough. But he did not look sober or of a clear mind.

He opened his mouth to drag on his cigarette while staring blankly at the no-smoking sign over the urinal next to him, revealing a mouth full of black, rotten teeth. He was no different from any other Chinese boss. On our trip to Anhui for company training (climbing walls, teamwork exercises etc.), I regularly saw him pissing in public, smoking in public, and littering. Simply based on any of the above behaviors, he would not be a manager, much less a boss, in most other countries. Under his management, the employees on the bus littered a six inch to a foot-thick layer of stinking garbage on the tour bus. And the school in Nanjing is crawling with cockroaches, which gladly welcome a human face in the light of day.

But this is International English, you see? This is a direct branch of the JCN, inflicting more anti-intellectual disease upon the masses, and making sure you're either a plebe or morally weak enough to be one of their lackeys. They have branches all over China, and are consistently rated among the top three schools of their area. When you're on the subway in Nanjing or Shanghai, you hear, "At this stop, XX International English".

XX caters to a small market of people who did not learn English well, but think they still can learn it well, and also think that spending a lot of money means that you get a lot of quality. Some of these people are from lower levels of the government, some of them from the business district. Overall, there aren't many people who will do this. The saleswomen will lie and say that there are 900 students registered now. But as a teacher I saw the same fifty people day in and day out. It is well-known in Nanjing that this school appears to be a business, but is not. It is a branch of the provincial education department, and as such cannot go bankrupt.

Teachers there find their greatest joy in students who have the ability to learn English. Because students have to pay a lot of money to get in, except for those younger ones who are paid for by their parents, the students generally want to learn English. But maybe half of them are actually making progress.

One of the strange aspects of these schools is, that sales people have their own offices, and all the sales people are women. Also, the past five education directors were women, though they share their office with another person. (That's because education director gets a little close to the actual teaching). The teachers, on the other hand, are piled into a tiny office. Four desks for 20 square meters. Sometimes there are more teachers than desks, and the teachers will argue over whose desk a certain desk is. Because there are ten teachers and only seven desks, the company rule is that no single desk is to be regulated by any single teacher. The teachers are always changing desks from day to day and worrying if they'll get a desk. But the saleswomen? No they have their own office, their own desk.

If you go to XX early in the morning you'll see all the women are already there. They look like Frankensteins. But don't worry. After their hour of meticulous cake-upping, they'll look like the pretty clowns that they are. Or is it because of the cake-up that they look like Frankenstein? No matter. It's a work requirement to wear a short skirt (that's the uniform) and high heels. I doubt any of them have ever dared not to wear makeup before.

The students join in the fight to become the sexiest. Many students come to class looking precisely like prostitutes. Strange though, that's not conducive to learning.

Strange though, perhaps putting more resources into the teaching would make a better school. Maybe it would really be a school. But wait, the teachers are criminals, CIA agents, queers - you name it. What are they doing here? Why oh why did I get a call on December fifth stating that a former XX teacher has been exposed as a pedophile?

It was also interesting that XX International English took no moral interest in exposing him. Rather, they wanted to hush it up. They went ahead and let him change jobs, becoming a teacher over at XX University where he is likely eying the young girls, like he did when he was at XX International English. Further, there are other teachers rumored to be pedophiles, and we are working on getting their information as well.

Looks like that dream I had wasn't all that far from reality.

Wesley Hoyle Lowe, sex offender, Nanjing

Please, if you are in Nanjing and you have seen this man, please write or phone me immediately. It is critical that he is exposed and deported at the soonest possible date, in order to protect our kids and the image of foreigners in Nanjing.

Wesley Hoyle Lowe, Liar

* the reason I have not gone into detail about this particular school and named its name is that all schools of this type are the same. High school programs, college classes etc. differ in style but not in substance. Question for Chinese: do you want to make money or educate people? It's a binary answer - one or the other.

* the reason I do not name the boss is because all the bosses at these schools are the same.