This is my mother and her new husband, Bob. 

About Bob:

A team of scientists have been researching the hypothesized "laidback gene", the envy of all humanity that allows Bob to weather incredible challenges.  The goal of the team is two-fold: determine his degree of laidbackness, and then find the gene.  The team is split between two factions: those that postulate the laidbackness is a kind of fourth-dimensional infinity, like walking the world forever, and the other half that's attempting invent a method of stirring his alleged ire.  The latter faction has been reported to employ a massive supercollider in Nevada and write long, secretive journal entries while laughing like DeNiro in "Cape Fear", cooking up insidious (though vain) plots.  Though the latter camp has put on a great effort, I still believe the former camp will win.

In Spring 2004, Bob proved yet again he is laid back as hell.  When mom and I had severe food poisoning, Bob hung out in the hotel, helping out and talking with us.  I noticed that while being with us he didn't eat anything for almost two days.  Food?  No big deal, Bob says.  Thanks a million, Bob!

As for my mom, we've always looked up to her.  Though she's not as young as she used to be, she keeps moving to higher and higher altitudes, forcing us to continue looking up.    : )  Love ya mom.  : *