Drawing: He Li Qiang



Winter punishes us  

One less shirters  

One less frienders  

It seeps into bones and stiffens meat  

Like rocks frozen into a river  

Like a ridge of material bunged at seam  


¡°Session up, renew sun!¡± director blurts.  So fake.  

Eyes without bodies, blaze without steam¡­behold  


Her glistening hot crotch  

Buried beneath hatched canvas and glaring copper teeth  


Where¡¯s that whip coming from? [whip from the blue]  

Stinging toes, cerulean bows  

an ice-ish arch haloed over down-plumed hills  

Cat-backed over bed¡¯s horizon  

Spirits leaking from my lips  

Puff by puff, jaw-locked ghosts silkenly tunnel nasal escapes  


Remainers, survivors, sadly delusioned vitaphiles  

We¡¯re criminals here, forgiveless  

Until victims capitulate, waving white undies  

Until all completely desolates out and utterly ceases to matter  

Until then we will be punished and caged.  


Nanjing 2004/11/29


Explanation of "Winter Punishes Us"