I followed a man named Hister who made a labor camp called "Schmokland" with a sign arched over the main entrance that read "Fumar macht Frei".  He shipped four million smokers there to plant, cure and smoke tobacco.  The smoking room wasn't ventilated, and many of them died of their own noxious fumes.  The others were forced to sweep up butts off the ground, sift them out of beach sands, pick them bare-handed out of latrines and use them for pillow and mattress stuffing for their own private use, all while a vicious anti-smoker in uniform was watching and laughing sinisterly.  They even made soap and lampshades out of dead smokers. 

None of this bothered me, because I'm anti-smoking.  I even shaved my head to keep smoking fumes out of my hair.  But I cancelled my membership in 2006 because I read a series of articles which proved that Hister was actually a smoker himself, and his grandfather was RJ Reynolds CEO etc. 

Now I know it was all a ploy to make non-smokers pity smokers and make smokers a more cohesive group - a group willing to live in a desert smoking section just to stay together.  They retain their traditions, even though society at large doesn't support them.  Their group consists of people who are scared of these ploys and stories, who in turn are led by people who make them up.  The leaders mostly stay in New York (unless they're caught smoking, in which case they escape to the desert), and the scared followers often move to the desert.  I've also heard that my grandmother might be a smoker, but because I've seen through the scam and I think it is after all unhealthy - and my grandmother doesn't make up all these ploys and stories - I still staunchly refuse to be a smoker myself. 

The people I really worry about are the Americans, whose leaders are all either converted smokers, married to smokers, or actually smokers and/or desert citizens themselves.  Their media and movie studios are all run by smokers and other pro-desert-ers.  Their media tells them that even just recognizing a person's smoke status makes them anti-smokite or smokerist.  People labelled anti-smokite lose their jobs and are ridiculed in the smoker-controlled press.  A very troubling situation indeed!