Spirit is Sweet

Spirit is sweet, visions are beautiful.  With our eyes closed and hearts calm, we taste truth.  This is our heaven, this is our bliss.  We do not need to dress this up, nor do we need to push it forward.  It moves of its own accord.
Now let us ask, Why do people wear perfume and cologne?  Why do they wear makeup or get their hair styled?  Quite simply, because they're ugly, and they stink.  We all are.  Its this flesh that we have.  The flesh has no sweet smell, nor is it beautiful.  Just ask a surgeon or moritian.  Just as other mammals, we carry urine and feces in our hind quarters.  Under a shiny, new naval ring is a yellow layer, then a white layer of toxic fat, then miles of gut filled with decomposing food.
Yes, the flesh is ugly and putrid.  It is so much so that some people must spend hours every morning and years of their life continuously primping, trimming, decorating and adjusting.  It is to drown this disgusting flesh in savory sauce - to make it more palatable.  To not realize the true taste of this dish - to be fooled by mere appearances - is the utmost folly.  To worship bones, blood and other unclean things in a bag of skin is pure delusion.
Yes, no matter how this flesh is embellished, it will never be as sweet as spirit - nor as gorgeous as truth itself.


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