(At my dad's request the pictures have been removed.)

This was my first entry for my dad's wife, who went from friend to enemy:

This is my dad's wife.  Her name is Qing Klunk-pang.  No I'm kidding.  And no, Chinese people do not name their kids by throwing silverware down the basement stairs...that's a myth.  Chinese houses don't even have silverware or basements.  Well anyway her name is Tang2 Jian4 Ƅ ƽ, by the way, that is, "Eve" [I think they're calling her Jian or Jan now] to all you upside-down people.

Me and Jan, we're buds.  Nanjing is our city beneath the trees, full of the history we love to study.  It's where dad and her met for the first time, and it's where the three of us have made our own history.  Good luck, dad.    - Nanjing, January 2004?

My first entry came after Dad and Jan's first meeting here in Nanjing.  At the time I was more positive about their marriage.   The second entry was made on the Chinese site (I'm guessing) in about August of 2004, after a short though very intense series of disagreements with Jan, and eventually my dad.   It was the Chinese site that caused the controversy - and because the pictures were taken with my dad's camera - he thought I should take them down.

I think I should say clearly here that I write what can be called a diary of my thoughts here online.  Some of the things said are of a very negative nature, and maybe that thing of a negative nature is being said about you.  But if I have a problem with someone, I'd at least try to discuss it with them face to face.  In the case of dad and Jan, conversations on the phone did not persuade me to change my position, so my original version of the facts was entered as such.

The issue of privacy often comes up online. I happen to be a person with no natural instinct to protect my own privacy. I live as a celibate, and my two spiritual brothers and one sister use my computer and phones as they like. There are no secret files, no curtains on our windows, so to speak.  However, because my personal life intertwines with other people's and I write about them, other people become concerned about their privacy. So I've limited my discussions of my friends and family to things that are factual, and have somehow affected my own life. However, I've pretty much decided along the lines of Eric Hufschmid that I will not turn my site into something positive for everyone. I do care about society and if there's a liar, cheat or criminal to expose, I will do it.

If there are any quips with the spelling, grammar, or facts displayed on this site, feel free to contact me.  I'm especially interested in any new material or information. 

Thanks for reading!