Try Eet!  Eet eeza deelishurs!

Blueberry Potato Chips, China

I like a too eata the western vooda.  Eet eesa liku the glate cultures of Chinese!  I go to French havu the brubelly chips of the potato!  Thank you, over!

The Great Poo Swindle

Ut oh it's sham poo!  The great Poo Swindle!
Ho estas malvera feko!  La granda Fekfrauxdo!

Pizza Doughnuts, China

In Chinese, don'ta play befur to eating - we play after to eating!
 We steal lovu to havu the prayings in the churches and so on.  Butu eef a yoo eatu the pizza doughnutly, you may playing to toiletu.  Solly my engalish ees poorly.

Pizza doughnuters are the traditions food in China.  Ten thousand years of doughnut.  The hole of the doughnut circle represents the brains of famurs writer.  You know?  Ting Tong?  We like a too drink like Ting Tong becurse he famurs and he drink muchly, too.  The sides of the doughnut representing the part of the stomach which no longer wants to be in stomach as food for the stomach, because there's much clear water there.  Do not eata too muchly the doughnut circle, or else your body will have too much fire.  Over.

En Cxinujo, ni ne pregxas antaux la mangxo - ni pregxas post la mangxo!

Teriaki Doughnuts, China

Terayaki meat fluff doughnuts.  Just what the doctor ordered!

D'asses Cookies

D'asses cookies.  Filled with brown paste for your dining pleasure.
L'postajxoj Kukoj.  Enhavas brunan paston por la bongusto.