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中国江蘇省南京市鼓樓區龍江小區龍園西 路23號新城市廣場莫爾特區1126室
陶亦然 (收)
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Ian Abram Clark   Jiangsu Province, Nanjing City, Gulou District, Longjiang Xiaoqu, Longyuan Xilu no. 23, Xinchengshi Guangchang, Mo'erte Qu Room 1126 China 210036








My name is officially "Tao Yi'ran".  "Kang Yi'an"  was a temporary name assigned to me before I could speak Chinese. 

In 2002 I started a six month project to give myself the perfect name, the result of which is 陶亦然,i.e. Tao Yi'ran.  By using the family name "porcelein" I've added earthy and traditional Chinese art to my name.  By using "also" and "is" for my first names, I've added objectivity and eliminated the original name's tacky optimism (in addition, Ian Clark "also is" Chinese).  The three characters are easily pronounced and sounds like part of a poem by 白居易 Bai Jvyi, a man who liked to portray the languid, easy-going region south of the Yangste, namely my hometown Nanjing The name itself is similar to the name of another poet 陶渊明 Tao Yuanming, whose individual lifestyle I tend to imitate.  My name is now poetic, artsy, and ascetic, which pegs the essence of Me.

When going through the very unscientific and peculiarly unlegalistic process of changing my name at both the two labor bureaus and the central police office, this new name was met with overwhelming support.  Since July, 2002 my two Chinese ID's, a kind of "green card" and a labor card, both have the name.