Weclome to my
humble auditorium!

Remember that shoe-stripping is mandatory, lest the guest become the object of invisible ire.

Solo Creations

MIDI Pieces

Though MIDI chills the ears, it publishes instantly. Within these unassuming digital files, a warm, Yangtse-region air waffs in - inviting crane-necked, intruiged peeks into musty historic recesses. Admission 4 kilobytes.


The complete 1997 release in MP3 format.

The Mirage Suite

MIDI format, download time with ADSL: one second. Relatively new pieces, occasionally coming off as nomadic or Chinese.

Concert Hall

↓ See Videos Below ↓

Beatles' Revolution



Alegrias (flamenco)

《Fandangos de Huelva》played by me.

《Tianlu》au naturale

Tianlu》with solo section