The following pieces are from my now outdated CD "Nocht" (1997).  It was basically recorded live in a studio, that is, with few takes and a low budget.  But the studio was top notch and the sound quality kicks.  Enjoy.

Introduction (Ian Abram)

Spanish Rhapsody (Ian Abram)

Rumores de la Caleta (Albeniz)

Invention in d (Bach) 

The Grim Rhapsody (Ian Abram)

Romeo and Juliet, 2 (Prokofiev/trans.Ian Abram)

Valentine (Ian Abram)

A Child's Waltz (With Parental Interruptions) (Ian Abram)

e Study (Tarrega)

Lagrima (Tarrega/performance by Brian Caviness)

e Study (Sor)

A Day in Early Spring (Ian Abram)

Boat Song (Ian Abram)

Anji (some english guy, then Paul Simon/trans.Ian Abram)

Henry and June (Ian Abram)

"Recuerdos de Tarrega" (renamed because we arranged it for duet/Tarrega)

(Second guitar is Brian Caviness)


Concert Hall