Yes, MIDI has a near insurmountable suckiness, but there are some decent keyboard sounds out there.  These listenable pieces are only around 4 KB a piece, so even you Bannana '85 users can download these conveniently.  

Piano Sonata, Op.2: Andante

Instrument:  Piano    Time:  1:29     

Piano Sonata, Op.2: Humoresque

Instrument:  Piano    Time:  0:56     

Piano Sonata, Op.2: Presto

Instrument:  Piano    Time:  1:08     

This is my second set of pieces after the "Nocht" album, so  I estimate the time of composition at Summer, 1998.   They express the passion of an RX-7-driving, raw-meat-eating and utterly neurotic 23 year-old composer to be.  As only the last three movements have been completed, the first movement will have to be added later, pulling a reverse Schoenberg string quartet no. 2, op. 10. 

South of the Yangste

 Suite for Various Instruments

Opus 4

"Zhenghe's Ship"

This is about the great Chinese Explorer Zhenghe, who, pioneered trade routes and discovered how to calculate longitude  (this was all before the Europeans).  The Europeans, however,  bought his maps  and corrupted his legacy.  They  sent  throngs of  savage, pig-headed assholes  around the world to slaughter and enslave  the Western hemisphere with Christianity and panty hose for men.   

Zhenghe left behind a hidden though discernable scientific legacy (like an observatory on the coast of Massachusetts).  He also spread  Chinese culture and genetic strains to nearly every corner of the globe, partially  evinced by nearly ubiquitous chickens and pheasants.  It seems like KFC's invasion of the middle kingdom is just completing an enormous historic loop.  

Aside from the parallels to what we now see as the friendly colonization of the world by the Chinese, there's also a feeling to this piece  that is absolutely not sociological.  There's the feeling of working your hands to the bone to do something great, the discovery of strange lands, the exhuastion of the human spirit...and in the end, the boat languishing in the harbor, heralding a mission to all.  Though it is widely ignored, this calling is yours if you chose to accept it.

Instrument: Koto    Time: 2:18    

"Jade Bracelet"

Describes what I imagine to be the history of a 4,000BCE bracelet sitting in Nanjing Museum and the humming feeling that emanates from old jade.

Instrument:  Music Box    Time: 2:02    


This describes the bomb shelter used in the war with the Japanese, it's underneath the ancient Presidential Palace in Nanjing.  There's even a concrete bed down there in that dank, musty place.  This piece describes the fear of  the unknown, the water dripping down the walls....

Instrument:  Glockenspiel    Time: 2:40    


Concert Hall